About Our Club



Harrogate Lions Club is one of over 700 clubs in the UK dedicated to providing a service to their local community. The Club was formed in 1954, and chartered on 1st Nov 1956.

Contact us
If you would like to know more or would like to come along to one of our meetings, please email our Secretary, Lion David Terzza, at


We would be very pleased to hear from you,  A warm welcome is assured.


How can you find us?
We meet on the first Thursday of each month, at the Oatlands Mount Club on Coronation Drive. Most months there will also be a more informal get together – for instance an evening out, a talk from a guest speaker, or a visit to another club in our zone.

How are we funded?
We pay a membership fee, twice a year, and this is used to cover all club costs. Funding the club this way ensures that none of the money donated by the public is used for administration.

Who are our members?
Harrogate Lions members are ordinary people with a passion to help other, they come from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of skills to offer – be it organisational abilities, artistic skills, PR flair, money management, or get-your-hands-dirty washer uppers/painters/tree planters/drivers/Father Christmas helpers.

Will I fit in, and why join Lions?
Reading this means you are someone who is interested in your community, in giving something back. Could you be a future member? A future committee member? Someone who brings new ideas and skills to bear on Lions projects? Volunteers play a vital role in society – from Boy Scouts to student gap year projects, from animal sanctuaries to charity shops, opportunities to serve are numerous. We believe that being a member of Lions International provides unique benefits:

• You become a member of a local club with diverse membership
• You can contribute to a great variety of causes and activities
• Social events are a big part of Lionism, so you can have fun or relax with like minded friends
• You can immediately respond to international appeals, knowing that your efforts directly reach the people in need

What if I am interested, but not sure?
Everyone is welcome to join our club and we are sure that you will fit in, but to be sure come along for three visits under no obligation. After that, if you choose to continue, you will be formally inducted in to membership.