Message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle gives peace of mind and ensures  that vital emergency  information about you or your family will be readily available to the Emergency Services, should anyone suffer an accident or a sudden illness at home.

All that is required is is fill in a short  form listing your medical needs and contact details, then place it in a small plastic bottle, which is then stored in your fridge.

This will enable Emergency Services, if called to your house, to have instant access to information regarding medication, where it is kept, allergies, contacts and any other information you may feel the need to pass on. Two small Green Cross labels – one placed inside the house door, one on the fridge door – will show the Emergency Services that you are in the scheme and they automatically know that your bottle is in the refrigerator  Simple! But brilliant.

The scheme free and  is already giving peace of mind to many thousands of people around the country, often thanks to their local Lions Club. Our club is a strong supporter of this scheme, and we distribute dozens of bottles a year.

The scheme is also supported by the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, Doctors and Social Services.

MIAB is an entirely free service; you can have as many bottles as you need for your friends and relatives. Harrogate Lions have placed stands of bottles in the wards of Harrogate Hospital, many GP surgeries, local pharmacies and community centres. If you haven’t seen any near you, or would like to provide an additional outlet for bottles, then please contact us by calling  07825404441  and we will be happy to provide .